Top 5 Do-It-All Shovels & Entrenching Tools

Shovels & Entrenching ToolsThe problem with most survival and backpacking shovels is they are cumbersome and hard to handle, but the Survival Shovels is different. They are lightweight, portable and dependable and will make you feel like a superstar hunter on your next hunting trip.

You know how annoying it is when you just can’t seem to find the thing you need, and all you want is a shovel? Well, Best Entrenching Tools For The Prepared is different. This is a lightweight and compact all-purpose backpacking or survival shovel that does more than just shovel in the dirt.

I think it goes without saying that we live in modern time. It is quite true that thanks to modern technology, we’re not spending much time in our cars, even when we’re in town. But, our vehicles are still useful for more than just moving around.

We hike, we swim, we camp, we fish, and many of us are concerned about getting out of the house and experiencing the outdoors whenever possible. But, that’s when it is safe to do so. Unless we are trained in wilderness survival, we tend to store up things or keep a fire going while we’re away from home.

This is a great idea, but sometimes, no matter how much we stock up, we never really know what kind of disaster may strike. We have a few days at least, but sometimes it can be weeks before we’re able to find supplies, or unless we can get on top of a mountain, which is usually very dangerous. So, we need something to rely on to make sure we’re prepared for anything.

Most of us, however, don’t have to be going places that are too far away for anyone to hear us and need to find out where we’re going and who we’re with. With the Survival Shovel, you can depend on the very first tool you bring with you – your very own survival shovel. This is a hand-held backpacking shovel that is fast, light, and durable.

The shovel is made with state-of-the-art attachments that give you unmatched versatility and ease of use. It is designed with heavy-duty nylon material but can be taken anywhere you go. This shovel is compact, lightweight, and well built.

You can’t overuse this handy tool. The serrated side of the Survival Shovel makes it very easy to lift off the ground and dig, but you also have a non-serrated side that’s great for clipping into the side of your backpack or other outdoor gear. You can also use the non-serrated side for pulling rocks out of the ground.

You can grab the shovel quickly and turn it 180 degrees to dig into both sides, or you can grip one end and extend the shovel in front of you, bringing your hands up and over your head so that you can dig. The shovel also comes with a handy emergency whistle that you can use to signal to others for help if you get buried in the woods.

What makes this shovel so valuable? It’s meant to survive a day-to-day backpacking trip in the woods, and unlike other survival equipment, it will still work after a long period of time. The Survival Shovel will not lose its efficiency or life, even though you leave it in the woods.

There are also emergency whistles included, as well as two-way radios that allow you to communicate with others in the same area as you. If the nearest person on the phone happens to have a pair of headphones, you can connect the whistle and get help, just by holding the phone up to your mouth. The whistle is also useful to signal for someone to come help you in the woods. You’ll be glad you bought the Survival Shovel because it comes with everything you need for emergency food storage and survival, including one stainless steel food storage box, waterproof tent liner, nylon mesh food storage bag, collapsible shovel, several hooks, a flare, and a compass. That’s a lot of survival gear, and it’s all included in the price.

Entrenching Tools – Testimonials 2020

tool could be probably the most valuable tools which you have in a survival circumstance. Not merely are they light-weight and small enough to end up being very easily carried around in your pack when out in the wilderness, however they also make issues a lot easier with regards to building shelters and sanitation trenches, for digging holes, and if required, in a self-defense situation. Remember that many survival entrenching equipment come built with a serrated blade for slicing and for protective use.

In this post, we’re going to go over 2 of the best entrenching tools on the market, and then we’ll discuss the qualities that you should look for in the top entrenching tools.

Fobachi Military Folding Shovel

FOBACHI 12 in 1 Folding Shovel Pickax Kit/Entrenching Tool for Digging Car Gardening Camping Backpacking Hiking, Survival Surplus, Emergency Spade Shovel Gear (Shovel 208C)

This is a light and compact shovel that serves a multitude of functions that make it a more than viable option as a survival entrenching tool. This shovel is extraordinarily easy to pack because the handle folds not once, but twice. Furthermore, the shovel ships with a carrying pouch that can latch directly on to a belt.

But don’t mistake the overall small size of this shovel (see full specs) as a dip in quality. The blade is constructed out of a strong forged steel with a serrated blade on one side that can easily saw through branches. The pointed tip on the edge of the blade allows it to dig deeply and sharply into the earth for digging holes and trenches.

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade

Gerber E-Gadget Folding Spade, Serrated Advantage [30-000075],black color

Gerber is a huge name in the survival globe, plus they are particularly popular for their top quality knives, saws, and hatchets. However, in addition they produce entrenching equipment and their E-Tool Folding Spade may be the best they need to provide in this division. The blade of the shovel can be built out of carbon metal as the handle is made out of a cup filled nylon that may give you lots of traction in your hold. Both components are a lot more than with the capacity of withstanding actually the harshest of conditions.

Meanwhile, the whole shovel (see complete specs) weighs simply two pounds with an amount of simply over nine ins when fully closed. This helps it be very convenient to pack about on camping journeys and trekking expeditions. Much like the additional entrenching tools that people have protected, one part of the blade can be serrated for sawing and slashing reasons. When the deal with is prolonged, it utilizes a fasten to ensure it remains firmly in place while you apply heavy pressure when digging through hard ground or hacking through ice. This will become on anyone’s set of the very best entrenching equipment.

SOG FO8-N Entrenching Device

SOG Folding Shovel Survival Shovel – Entrenching Device 18.25 In . Foldable Shovel Camping Shovel w/ Wood Saw Edge and Tactical Shovel Carry Case (F08-N)

SOG is another popular brand in the survival globe and their FO8-N entrenching device effortlessly fulfills the high bar they have set. The complete tool is built out of a durable, forged steel with a black, corrosion resistant coating. One side of the blade is serrated for slashing or sawing purposes.

You’ll also notice how the handle is shaped in the form of a triangle to give you a more secure grip over the shovel. Overall weight of the shovel is just over twenty four ounces, so you can forget about it when it’s in your pack, and the handle folds twice directly over the blade so that it takes up minimal space.

USGI Issue E-Tool

US GI Military Original Issue E-Tool Entrenching Shovel

Let’s face it, the military knows all about digging holes. The USGI E tool is the exact same model that’s currently issued to armed forces. It’s folds at three different points and collapses into a very small and compact package. The USGI E-Tool is mostly metal with some polymer in certain points. The shovel head itself has two serrated edges and an axe edge for smashing through roots as you dig. The black powder coat finish is nice and tough, and keeps corrosion at bay. If you would like basic and effective and inexpensive, the USGI E-Tool could it be. Bar none, that is among the best entrenching tools your money can buy.

What Do You should Look For within an Entrenching Device?

There are few equipment in a survival circumstance that will permit you to construct shelters, noticed through branches, dig trenches and holes, hack through ice, or make use of in self-defensive circumstances as an entrenching device. These equipment are equally in the home in a backyard, on a camping trip, or also in battle.

When searching for an entrenching device, the very first thing to look may be the general size and pounds. May be the shovel with the capacity of folding, and if therefore, how compact might it be when completely folded? If the shovel can’t fold or if it’s too bulky when folded, you should forget about it in favor of something else. The overall weight of the tool is important as well. Keep in mind that a folding shovel can be very durable even when it is lightweight; each of the shovels that we listed out are constructed out of very durable steels while managing to weigh only two pounds or less.

Another quality to look for is definitely how rigid the shovel will be when extended. Sure, it may fold in and out, but does it have a locking mechanism that will allow the handle to lock in place when expanded? If not really, you should reject the shovel since it will naturally end up being weaker when you apply pressure onto it while digging. You desire your entrenching device to end up being rigid, not really loose.

Finally, consider how flexible or multi-useful the shovel will end up being all together. A serrated blade is a must have on the shovel so it can also act as a saw for constructing shelters. A bottle opener is usually a nice luxury to have, but not a necessity. A pointed tip on the blade, however, is a must have so that the shovel can dig sharply into the ground when digging.

The best entrenching tool will serve you well in a survival situation and make your experience considerably easier. All you have to know is what to look for, and any one of the four products that we have recommended meet the requirements that you need in an entrenching tool. Good luck!

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